The newly formed Islamic Alliance has invaded Israel and the United States teeters on the precipice of nuclear holocaust. When after thirty-five years in hiding, Dane Agee, the balladeer once known as the Troubadour of Peace, plans to again trumpet his anti-war message, he is assassinated.


Plunged into a labyrinth of deceit and forced to flee for their lives, his twin teenage sons and their mother escape to the mountains of Colorado with the help of an iconoclastic college professor and an influential attorney, who harbors a dark secret. They are pursued by powerful forces: a lascivious Rasputin(a), spiritual advisor to the religiously fanatical American President; the ruthless founder of a covert propaganda machine intent on creating a new world order; and the powerful Club, a shadowy organization whose money and influence manipulate a reality contrived to confuse the American people.


Joshua DeAngeles must survive the deadly scenario in which he has become a pawn by developing maturity and cunning beyond his years, and take up the standard of his father.


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