Black ice. Invisible. Deadly.

Black ice propelled physicist Marcie Roselli reeling out of control and stole her daughter’s life. Yet, the specter of her dead child keeps Marcie teetering on the edge of reality as she battles to reclaim her own life. Her brilliant but psychologically vulnerable niece suffers from the same delusions.

Could these hallucinations be real? Do the voices that schizophrenics hear emanate from another dimension? If so, to what lengths would some go to control the gateways to the multi-universe? What does a secret government program known as the Black Ice Project have to do with her teenage niece?

Aided by a battle-weary Iraq veteran and his peculiar friend, who writes conspiracy books, Dr. Roselli navigates a path strewn with danger to rescue her niece from powerful forces that have targeted the girl or risk losing everything once again to black ice.


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