Bill Hubiak, Ph.D., PMP, President of Future Edge Inc., has spent over thirty years as consultant, lecturer, group facilitator, and change agent addressing a broad spectrum of management, organizational and human resource management issues for Fortune 500 and government organizations. He has taught university management and leadership classes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.


All The Devils Are Here, a political mystery thriller, is Bill’s fourth novel. His three previous works, Black Ice, a science-based psychological thriller, Troubadour of Peace, a political thriller, and Embodiment of Evil, a psychological thriller/horror, can also be purchased on Amazon in e-book formats.


Raised in Cranford, New Jersey, Bill worked on the docks of Port Newark from age eight through college. He played football, baseball and wrestled in high school and was a member of the nationally ranked Brigham Young University rugby team and captain of the University of Utah rugby team. He earned his PhD. from Colorado State University.


Currently, Bill resides in Westminster, Colorado, with his wife, Carole, and their cat, Itty. He is an avid reader and enjoys golf, hiking, a regular regimen of cardiovascular exercise, gardening and cooking (because he loves to eat).


Non-fiction publications include:
• Mental Models of Quality
• Downsizing: A Pervasive Form of Organizational Suicide
• Post-Formal Cognitive Reasoning and Organizational
   Problem-Solving Success
• Do Americans Have Their Minds Set Against TQM?
• Mental Models of Quality: A Case for Integrating Systems T