Nature may not have been generous to Zeus Cubberly when handing out good looks but was more than gracious in dispersing intellectual gifts. A successful conspiracy author and master of all things high tech, he receives a bewildering message from his high school bully, a felon recently murdered in their sleepy New Jersey hometown.

A photograph of Adolf Hitler’s legal heir, a corporate magnetic room key, and a library card are among the arcane clues sent him, accompanied by a challenge Zeus cannot resist.

Unlocking the dangerous secrets contained in this mysterious communication places Zeus and his lifelong friend, a battle-weary Iraq veteran turned gardener, in the crosshairs of a professional assassin, the shadowy organization that trained him, and an insidious adversary who has her eyes on the American Presidency.?

Life explodes into a hellish nightmare in which a house bombing seriously wounds the only woman who has ever loved him. An unexpected alliance with a Mafioso boss provides him his only protection in a high-stakes game in which one misstep can mean the difference between life and death as Zeus finds that hell is empty because all the devils are here.


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